Riviera Craft Distillery

Shoot for the moon 🌙
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ✨

Welcome to Mezzanotte!

Google or maybe the
Destiny took you to this alchemical lab,
now, choose your future:

laboratorio di distillazione

We produce spirits on our own, for third parties and private label as well.
We provide Design, Marketing e Social consultancy for your products.

We are Alex and Giacomo
and this is Mezzanotte

Our distillery is contemporary and yet craft.
Founded on a mysterious and ancient art, bending traditional alembic distillation to produce unexpected tastes and high quality spirits.

After years of day dreaming we took the leap and made the dream come true. We spent over a year in research and study to design everything in the best way possible.

Our goal is to make spirits and gin with an innovative mindset that allow you to evoke memories and experience new tastes.

clear drinking glass with white liquid on blue round table